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H&M Kids Pajamas - My Little Pony

H&M Kids Pajamas - My Little Pony
Rp.76.500,-        Rp.85.000,-
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puaass ! :D
Puas bgt deh blnja di ruenna. 10 thumbs up buat mb mina. Dan mslh hrga jg jauh lebh murh dri baby onshop lainny. Sy tau onshop ini dri kaskus,sblmny sy udh ngelist bbrp baby's stuff dri baby onshop lain yg ad di kaskus. Wkt liat ruenna bnrn deh beda hrga bsa jauh bgt. Cnth sy bli baby bather dsni cm 170rb,sdgkn di baby onshop yg sy tmukan sblmny 225rb. Dgn merk dan specs yg sama. Yg psti big thx to mba mina dan baby onshopny, krn sy tnggl di crbn lumyn sush cri baby's stuff yg bermutu bgs. Sprtiny gak bakal bisa brhnti blnja disini,wlopun masi mngnjak 8bln usia khmilan :D
H&M Kids Pajamas - Hello Kitty

H&M Kids Pajamas - Hello Kitty
Rp.76.500,-        Rp.85.000,-
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